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Bio: I am a mother, fitness instructor, dancer, marathon runner, PhD student, yoga student… I love being active, learning new stuff and enjoying life.

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Website: This site is there for the times when you cannot follow your favorite fitness instructor or your favorite health course, because they are not evolving with the changes in your body and mind.

When they stopped making you feel good or when you cannot motivate yourself for your usual routine because of the new changes in your life, you do not have to quit on your body and health. On this site I will put together different workouts for all stages of pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy, to get you back on track.

The goal is for you to feel good about your fitness and welcome the changes you are going through.

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  1. Hey Ithabi, I’m already loving your blog and in a few months I’ll need it, too. I found out about my pregnancy this morning *yay* 😀
    Did you keep working out with Zuzka for a while after you found out? And if yes, for how long?
    Have a good time with your baby and thank you for opening this blog!!!

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