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To answer lilla’s question: “Did you keep working out with Zuzka for a while after you found out [you were pregnant]? And if yes, for how long?”

I am generally a very active person. Before I got pregnant I had already started training for a marathon, I was learning how to dance tango and went salsa dancing. In the morning before work I did some yoga (yogatic) and a short homeworkout (bodyrock / zuzka light) two or three times a week. Generally I did some kind of activity on a daily basis.

Definitely not a PregoShape

During my first month of pregnancy, I did exactly two workouts and three yoga sessions. I went dancing once and didn’t run at all.

Going into my pregnancy I was very naïve and thought that the pregnancy would effect me proportionally to the size of my growing belly. However your body starts changing from day one. And even though I couldn’t see any physical changes yet, the hormonal changes had a huge effect on me. I just did not feel like working out any more, so I didn’t. And after getting noxious from too many spins in salsa, I also dropped out of dancing.

In my third month I got back to working out again and continued until month seven. However I only followed two original workouts (Fierce Friday Workout & ZWOW #40 Burn It Off) and then I got annoyed with going through all workouts, trying to find one with exercises suitable for pregnancy and started creating my own workouts based on exercises I knew were safe. I will write another post soon about what to consider when working out during your first trimester.

But this is just my experience, maybe you feel great during your first months and can continue with whatever exercise you are doing now. I think most important is to just listen to your body. See what you feel like and go with what makes you feel good and happy about being pregnant. For instance if you get frustrated because you are only reminded of what you used to be able to do, then do something completely different. For me it was very difficult to run so slow, so instead I started going swimming. Even if you don’t follow any workouts at all, at some point just walking around with the extra weight full time will become an increasingly challenging exercise. So try not to make any great plans beforehand or set goals you need to achieve during your pregnancy, but welcome the changes you are going through and the new challenges and experiences that go with it.

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  1. Just found your blog and I love it. This post was definitely for me…I’m pregnant with my third one (after two healthy boys and three miscarriages in a row). I was prepping for my first figure competition when I got pregnant… so that got put on hold…but it has been SO hard to get over emotionally the fact that I’m just SO exhausted and feel like I can’t even move. And I , who LOVE working out, don’t feel like working out AT ALL. This is my sixth day not working out… I think the longest in the last few years. But I’m only 6 weeks and still there is the question if I’m gonna go full term with this baby. Your post encouraged me to slow down and just accept the fact that my body is changing and roll with that. Thank you!!

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