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  • No more searching and picking exercises and workouts that you can do, that are safe, that make sense…
  • no more deciding on what to do when, and then putting it off…
  • or not even finding anything suitable…

Get the Online Workout Program for your specific needs, starting Fall 2016.


Starting with this 12 Week Pregnancy workout Program

Prego Shape Program Fall 2016

This program will feature many different workouts, exercise challenges, cardio and yoga sessions for a well rounded fitness routine. I will provide you with an online & download workout schedule with a detailed, day-by-day plan. And on top of all that, weekly support for you to stay on track and keep working out regularly.

If you want to get this program:

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4 Week Mum in Shape Program

12 Weeks – Walking for a Half Marathon

Prego Belly – No More! (2 week program)

Which one are you interested in most? Or did I miss the one you are interested in? Write down below which one you want to do, so that we can make it happen. And don’t forget to share this with your friends, so that they can get their program as soon as it is out. You could even do one together and exchange your scores…

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