Workouts for men

and all others who are not pregnant and not a mum:

1. Can you keep up with a pregnant women?

 I challenge you to workout along with me during my pregnancy. And tell me your scores! I am curious…



Abs WorkoutYou can probably find a workout that fits your fitness level by choosing workouts for different stages of pre- and post-pregnancy. I also explain different variations, to make each exercise more or less challenging. If there is none, just ask! And since most exercises are body-weight, your own physique will already determine how difficult each workout will be.

These are also very safe workouts, so if you have had injuries, are overweight or senior you will find something suitable for you. Follow the proper form and avoid any risks to your body while you stay fit.

Additionally there are many other video’s you can find in the workout category that are not only for pregnant women. Add for instance warming up and stretching routines to complement your own workouts.

3. Make your own workout routine

Portfolio Pregnancy Exercises Put together a workout for your own personal benefit.

Example 1: Chose six different exercises and repeat them three times. Write down the time it took you to complete this workout and try to beat your time the next time you repeat this workout.

Example 2: Tabata exercise challenge – choose one exercise and set a timer for 20 sec. work and 10 sec. rest with 8 rounds. Go as hard as you can during the 20 seconds interval and you will have a great 4 minute workout session.

Under this category you can find detailed explanations for each exercise, so that the workout you build up suits your needs. Chose the exercises according to which muscles they should target, whether they are high intensity or improve flexibility or depending on your preference of using weights or other equipment…

4. Or sign up for personal coaching

Free Personal CoachingThen I will do the work for you and not only create workouts according to your needs, but a complete fitness plan that will help you reach your overall goals, whether they are to:

  1. loose weight
  2. shape up
  3. get fit and strong
  4. or just adapt to a healthier lifestyle…

Keep yourself accountable by meeting up with me on a regular basis and get maximum support!

5. Have Children?

For you guys who have children: Ever tried using them as workout tools? Combine workout and playtime and tone your muscles while having fun with your children. I guarantee great bonding experiences 🙂

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