Prego Shape Program Fall 2016

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  • No more searching and picking exercises and workouts that you can do, that are safe, that make sense…
  • no more deciding on what to do when, and then putting it off…
  • or not even finding anything suitable…

Get the Continue reading

New Website – for personal coaching

Yes! Goal achieved! – My new website is finally online – Sign up for personal coaching now 🙂

My idea is to give you one on one personal coaching. We set up an exercise plan and all sessions will be completely for free. However if you do not show up, you will have to pay for the missed meeting. So stay on your routine and you benefit triple: Better Shape, better health, no expenses! Continue reading


Planks are AWESOME during pregnancy. It is really difficult to find good abs exercises to do while pregnant. You do not want to risk abdominal separation with crunch-like exercises. Planks are a great way to keep your core strong, keep back pain at bay, and make contractions more effective when you do go into labor. Continue reading

Post-pregnancy Hiit Ab Workout

This is a simple bodyweight workout you can do right at home. It takes only 12 minutes, but it will challenge your ENTIRE body. Without having to do a single crunch your core muscles will be activated during the whole workout. After having a baby you probably can’t wait to get your old figure back and finally have a flat stomach.

The exercise pictures below were taken three months postpartum (obviously except for the cross punch picture!) and you can still see a bit of my post-baby belly. Continue reading