My personal experience: Working It Prego

To answer lilla’s question: “Did you keep working out with Zuzka for a while after you found out [you were pregnant]? And if yes, for how long?”

I am generally a very active person. Before I got pregnant I had already started training for a marathon, I was learning how to dance tango and went salsa dancing. In the morning before work I did some yoga (yogatic) and a short homeworkout (bodyrock / zuzka light) two or three times a week. Generally I did some kind of activity on a daily basis.

Definitely not a PregoShape

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Dumbbell Swing

These are definitely not a traditional pregnancy exercise, but they do offer a number of benefits through their broad muscle engagement and explosive nature! Swings are usually performed with both hands on a kettlebell. However by doing single-arm dumbbell swings, you make sure that your growing belly will not be squeezed during this exercise. Dumbbell swings can be just as effective as kettlebell swings and are ideal for keeping it safe during pregnancy. Continue reading

who I am and why I’m here

I am a former bodyrocker. I used to follow the workouts posted on, and then later also zuzka lights zwow’s. However when I became pregnant I could not do the same workouts anymore. It was very frustrating to first chose a workout for the day and then think about how I could replace every other exercise in that workout with a different one that would be suitable for me. But since I read about all the benefits from staying fit during your pregnancy I wanted to continue working out. I really missed an alternative to bodyrock, that would have workouts for pregnant women. A site providing workouts that could easily be done at home, without any equipment and especially a site with a variety of workouts. The pregnancy exercises you can find online tend to be endless repetitions of each other and I got bored with them. So hopefully my routines will help some of you to stay motivated and keep fit with all the changes you are going through.