who I am and why I’m here

I am a former bodyrocker. I used to follow the workouts posted on bodyrock.tv, and then later also zuzka lights zwow’s. However when I became pregnant I could not do the same workouts anymore. It was very frustrating to first chose a workout for the day and then think about how I could replace every other exercise in that workout with a different one that would be suitable for me. But since I read about all the benefits from staying fit during your pregnancy I wanted to continue working out. I really missed an alternative to bodyrock, that would have workouts for pregnant women. A site providing workouts that could easily be done at home, without any equipment and especially a site with a variety of workouts. The pregnancy exercises you can find online tend to be endless repetitions of each other and I got bored with them. So hopefully my routines will help some of you to stay motivated and keep fit with all the changes you are going through.

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