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Only two more weeks until my first half-marathon post-baby. My little girl is now six months old and until last week I wasn’t sure if I was going to get enough training in. But getting the registration confirmation gave me a motivation boost and I am determined to step up my training again and make enough time.

Now for the no-running days, when its difficult to get away, or the day after a long run I can really recommend this video:

As a runner, you probably have experienced sore feet, a bad back and knees or tight hamstrings at some point. Most of the time this pain is not from the running in and of itself, but from imbalances that running causes and exacerbates. By adding yoga to your routine you can bring your body into a balance. It will improve your running experience, help you run more efficiently and especially aid in staying injury-free.

After giving birth you have to make sure that your pelvic-floor muscles are strong enough before you start running (I did my first run 3 months after giving birth). Start with short distances and an overly cautious slow pace. It might feel a bit strange going that slow since you are not carrying a baby inside anymore. But remember you are testing your new body and want to make sure you get back home safe and sound again. Once you accomplished your first ‘run’ with success you can go a bit faster or longer the next time and can already celebrate improvements.

I can also recommend running with a stroller every now and then. It will engage your abdominal muscles even further in order to stabilize your midsection while you are pushing with your upper body. There is also increased gluteal and hamstring activity needed to push the weight of the baby jogger. Plus you won’t need a babysitter while you are out.

Combine this with yoga and you will have a great training of both strength and flexibility!

What are your experiences running after or even during pregnancy? Read this post to find out:

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