Post Baby Marathon – How to start running after giving birth

A friend of mine asked me yesterday when I started running again after having my baby. She really wants to get moving again, but got in trouble with her midwife for starting so early.

Half Marathon 2014 Star

I ran a half-marathon 7 months postpartum, and a full marathon when my little girl was 9 months old.
But the key is starting slow!!!

The up- and downwards motion in running or any other aerobic exercise can put a lot of strain on your on your pelvic floor muscles. Therefore you should first work on your pelvic floor recovery, building up and strengthen that area, get the approval from your doctor and then still take it slow.


Step By Step – my personal experience
After giving birth walking was very difficult for me and it took me several weeks to manage just to get around the block. When my daughter was about 5 weeks old I started going for walks with her almost on a daily basis, building up to staying out for about an hour. The intention behind that had nothing to do with any training goals, but rather my newborns well-being. I went out with the stroller so that she could get all the benefits from being outside and getting fresh air. And she also really enjoyed being close and snuggled up in the baby sling while rocking in my walking rhythm.

Heidelberg Half Marathon 2014

Three months after giving birth is when I had my first jog, which at a pace of 4km/h was more speed walking than jogging. I would alternate between going by myself and taking the stroller, which was nice because then I had something to hold on to and give me support. But it also meant turning around if she didn’t feel like going the distance.. I would also alternate between walking and jogging, depending on my condition that day.

SAP Marathon 2014

When she was 18 weeks old I started with my marathon training, ideally running 4 times a week starting at a pace of about 6/7 km/h. This way I had three months to get ready for the half marathon and it was a lot of fun. Since I had no achievement goals for the race it was the one I have enjoyed most out of all previous races. Then I had another two months to get in shape for the even longer run. The marathon went great as well and I surprised myself by finishing it under 4 and half hours with a smiling face.

Post Baby Marathon

What are your experiences running after or even during pregnancy? Read this post for more practical tips on running post prego shape and find out how to use strength and flexibility training to accomplish your running.


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