New Website – for personal coaching

Yes! Goal achieved! – My new website is finally online – Sign up for personal coaching now 🙂

My idea is to give you one on one personal coaching. We set up an exercise plan and all sessions will be completely for free. However if you do not show up, you will have to pay for the missed meeting. So stay on your routine and you benefit triple: Better Shape, better health, no expenses!

Extra motivation:

  • Keep yourself accountable by meeting up with me on a regular basis.
  • Save money by working out regularly.
  • Let your health be your first motivator, your purse will serve as additional incentive.


My vision

Staying fit during pregnancy can be quite difficult. Therefore I would like to help you with fun and diverse exercises that you can do at home without any equipment. For the time after your Pregnancy you can choose between short intensive workouts to rebuild your strength during baby nap times, or working out with your baby and using the exercises as additional bonding time.

Through individual coaching sessions I will be able to give you advice on which exercises are best suitable for your stage, as well as make sure that the exercises are all done in proper form in order to prevent unnecessary injuries. The regular sessions will help you with setting up a habit of staying active. Since you will not have to leave the house for our sessions, it will be easy to incorporate the workouts into your usual routine.

Instead of having to pay for each training session, I have come up with an innovative payment system that is a lot more motivating. First we set up a training schedule. All training sessions will be for free. If you fail to attend your training session, you will have to cover the costs for that session. This will be the additional incentive to come regularly and stay on your workout path that we initially set out together.

Sign up here for an exercise plan tailored to your needs.

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