Planks are AWESOME during pregnancy. It is really difficult to find good abs exercises to do while pregnant. You do not want to risk abdominal separation with crunch-like exercises. Planks are a great way to keep your core strong, keep back pain at bay, and make contractions more effective when you do go into labor.


Preparation: Lie face down on a mat, resting on the forearms. Lift your body up on your forearms and toes, keeping your body as straight as possible. Your elbows should be placed directly below your shoulders. Tilt your pelvis, contract your abdominals and prevent your hips from sagging, this could cause stress on your back.

Execution: The plank is an isometric exercise, therefore all you have to do is hold this position. (Deceptively simple ;-))

  • More Challenging:   Balance your arms on a stability ball instead of on the ground.
  • Less Challenging:   Do the plank from your knees instead of from your toes.

Primary muscles: Lower back, abs & transverse abs
Secondary muscles: Shoulders, upper back, glutes & quads

 Find Workouts using the Plank exercise: Hiit Ab Workout

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